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These are various pictures I've found and stolen liberated for use as visual cues in Tucky Seasons.

The best picture I've found to match Jane Thompson.
The lovely Charlene.
One of Trish, and two of her sister Pauline.

Please Note: none of these people have agreed to act as models; and while they are (I think) real people, they are NOT the fictional characters.

Part 13:
One of Darla's 1997 BMW 328i, with top down.
Another, similar car BUT THE WRONG COLOR, with the top up.

Part 14:
The wig Tucker was complaining about. It's from Beauty Trends (or Beauty Trends Lifestyle), and the product is named 'Newsworthy.' Here's a back view.
Note that I am NOT trying to be historically accurate about what wigs are available in 1997 (or before). It's hard enough (sometimes impossible) verifying the existence of retail establishments.

Part 15:
More wigs in this episode:
The one for teatime except it's blonde in the story. This is a European Natural (brand) 'Heather' (model name of wig), in color #22.
And the one at supper. It's Revlon 'Tatum', in color 123/637TR. No, I don't know what that means. Here's another view.
Charlene's tea dress, with a text description.

Part 16:
Three views of the wig Valerie wears to choir. I liked the color on this photo, so that's what she's got.
Art's car with review ('liberated' from

Part 17:
Hoo boy, lots of stuff!
Evelyn's car is a masterpiece of work; unfortunately, what with her being fictional, I can't come up with good photos of her actual paint scheme. Nor do the photos show the same car, or the same options.
Here's what I did find, in a wide variety of colors:

  1. left side
  2. left front
  3. Front (hood scoop down)
  4. Right Front (hood scoop up)
  5. right back with rear vent window
  6. back with Evelyn's spoiler (not the Superbird one)
  7. trunk
  8. back seat (unmodified)
  9. interior passenger side front
  10. interior driver side front
  11. driver side dashboard with correct horn button
  12. middle dashboard (that big vinyl thing below the AM radio is where Evelyn hid the electrical and audio connectors)
  13. The Hood Scoop
  14. Tremec TKO transmission
Note that her car DOES have the pop-up hood scoop, but Evelyn hasn't even demonstrated it (to Val and Charlene) yet. Nor did Evelyn demonstrate the authentic horn...
What a five-point restraint buckle looks like. Here's the sternum strap adjust and done!
Note Valerie is still wearing the wig from choir, shown in part 16 above.
The vintage white dress Valerie wears, with a text description.

Part 18:
The sunglasses Valerie (and Charlene) gets at the mall.
Valerie's black dinner dress with a text description.
The only picture I got (or have) of Charlene's dinner dress.
Arthur's fangs are/were/whatever produced by Father Sebastiaan (yes, that's spelled correctly) of Sabretooth. Here's a pic of Fred Blackdog wearing his fangs.

Part 21:
Ares Macrotechnology
Banzai Institute
Banzai Institute
Elder Sign (Derleth version)
Invisible Pink Unicorn
Ling Standard Products
Miskatonic University
Pratt & Whitney
Regency of Deneb
Strategic Air Command
the Sacred Chao of Eris
Soylent Green
Spider Jerusalem's smiley-face
Weyland-Yutani (almost; needs to be modified a bit)
Yoyodyne Propulsion 1 and Yoyodyne Propulsion 2