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For those seeking more information about the song "Don't Ride The White Horse", the song was done by a group called Laid Back in 1983 and put out by Island Records.

Okay, just to get all this down and explicit:

The Tuck series, and any and all other works by Ellen Hayes, are copyright 1997-2008. Nobody else has the copyright.

If you wish to take copies, put them up on your own archives, send them to other archives, whatever, then feel free, IF AND ONLY IF:

Those first three conditions apparently rule out any server using FrontPage. Too fucking bad. If I check the file and it does not pass verification, you are REQUIRED to REMOVE THE FILES IMMEDIATELY. If anyone else checks and reports a violation, same thing. I can discuss variations in this policy, but don't expect me to vary it just so you can have my stuff your way.

Otherwise, keep 'em, save 'em, print 'em, put 'em in your newsletters, pass them out at parties, give them away at weddings, whatever. I mean it.

ALSO, in case anyone was wondering - all this is FICTION. The people are made up, so are most of the places, the things mentioned in the text mostly never happened to my knowledge, I don't really know anything about hacking or phreaking, I don't know how to do most of the things mentioned in the text (especially ones involving duct tape).... it all takes place in my head. I do my best to reality-check things, but there's a bit of un-commonality necessary (at the very least) for the story to go the way I want it.

Your input and comments are appreciated, but don't assume that I'll do things the way you want them done - this is MY story, not yours. Also, mail will eventually be responded to. But don't hold your breath.

Hope you like them.