Walk in the Park - Piece of Cake
by Natalie Cross

This writing contains characters created and copyrighted by Ellen Hayes and elaborated on by Natalie Cross.

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Getting in the car, Chris's hands began to shake even harder than before he got out of his car. After watching Eric dissappear behind a tree, Chris immediatly took his phone from the dash and dialed his girlfriend, needing to hear the soothing voice she often provided.

"'Ello..." came a soft British accent, Chris sighed softly in response.

"Awwh, Beth, did I catch you at a bad time?" he asked apologetically.

"Naw lov'. Just doing my studies... I could use the short break. What's up?" She replied.

Chris sighed and began, "Well Beth, I just..." he paused, feeling a lump in his throat.

"Lov'? Are you alright? Does this have something to do with that 'big important thing' that you can't tell me about?"

"No, I..." he started as his head started buzzing and getting light all of a sudden, "I just needed to hear your voice, its alri- I'm alright... It's fine, sorry I bothered you. Talk to you later?"

"Sure, call me if you need to." she replied before he hung up.

The only thing that made any sense anymore was to bury his face in his hands until they stopped shaking. The plan was less than a success as Chris's eyes started to water, all it took was that one to start a torrent.

When he went to grab a tissue to start wiping, he noticed his hands were black with mascara. He brought them close to his face and looked at them close. Soft chuckling came from somewhere in the car, but it took a moment for Chris to identify it's source as himself. In the heat of his release he started crying again, and he laughed louder and louder until the mascara stopped showing up in his tears.

As he wiped the last tears away with a tissue that was now black on one side he heard a tapping on his window. He was about to get out and tell Eric something nasty before he noticed the badge on the uniform... "Shit" Chris said to himself as he rolled down the window. He could feel his sweat glands screaming at him for a break, but the fear centers of his brain meat just wouldn't have it tonight.

"Hel- hello, officer." he said, sniffing back a tear. "I mean, good evening." He mentally bashed himself in the face with an acoustic guitar after listening with surprise to what he, himself, had just said out loud.

"Good evening, miss." Miss? Did he just say 'miss?' "Is everything alright?"

"No... I mean, yes! I mean... No, not everything, but I'll be fine. I mean..." He sputtered out. "Today just isnt a good day for me..."

"Mmm... Yes, I have a daughter about your age, I recognize that look." Chris looked up. *What _look_?* "You should call him when you get home, this is not a ver-"

"Call who?" Chris inturrupted.

"Your boyfriend, young lady. Like I said, I have a daughter your age. And as I was saying, you should do this at home, this isn't a very safe place at night and it's almost dark," he replied in a fatherly tone.

Chris glanced over at the clock in the car and noticed the time. *SHIT!* "Oh shi- I mean... jeez! I have to get home!" Chris said in a rush, noting his own language.

"Of course, drive safe." The officer said as he turned to leave.

"Wait, officer." Chris said as he felt a pang of guilt hit him in the chest, "I... Thank you..."

The officer smiled broadly and replied, "Thank _you_, little lady. Have a good night."

*He was awfully nice...* Chris thought to himself as the officer walked away. He stared at his keys for a moment. He snapped out of it a second later and turned on the ignition, and started the car.

As Chris pulled onto the highway that would take him home, a buzzing came from the purse next to him, but it took Chris a moment to find the source of it, his cell phone. He switched it on and placed it to his ear.

"Hello?" Chris said shyly.

"Stop at the ice cream place down the highway west, and let's have a slice of ice cream cake, what do you say? We can talk there, that place is _dead_ on friday nights." It was Eric, the little brat that got him into this.

"I..." He paused again as he felt the tears build again.

"Just relax, chica. You already have the negatives, there is nothing keeping you to our promise, just... give me fifteen minutes, okay? I just want to talk..." Eric replied in a calming voice.

"That's all?"

"That's all, I swear..." There was a momentary pause.

"... Alright." Chris finally worked out of his mouth. On the other end of the phone, Chris could just imagine Eric yakking it up with his friends over this. Chris pushed it out of his mind; after all, besides the secrecy, which was understandable, Eric hadn't done anything to betray Chris's trust. But a sense of uneasiness plagued the back of his mind.

After throwing the car into park, Chris stared ahead toward the sunset, letting its cancer-giving, irradiating beauty soak into him. He sighed and pulled down the visor to clean his face and reapply the the lipstick his dry lips had caused to rub off, the mascara that his tears had washed away, and his cheeks which were pale from all the excitement... and from Chris's hunger, which he just noticed.

He opened the car door to see Eric's car sitting by a tree, but what really caught his attention was the line of cars poking out from behind it. Apparently, this place was less abandoned than previously hoped for. Heavy business, Chris was finding out, is not always _good_ business.

He stepped out onto his rather mundane flats; he would have worn the deep orange ones, but he didnt want to draw attention to himself here. He resolved himself to being killed with flying milkshake glasses as he started towards the door. So far, he could see no one from school in the windows, but the anticipation did not pass completely; rather, it stayed balled up in his abdomen like a good little fear-based emotion.

Upon entering, Chris hid behind his bangs with them brushed forward to further disguise himself. He spotted Eric at the counter holding a plate with a slice of ice cream cake in one hand and two forks and the cash he was paying with in the other. Eric smiled at the clerk and walked toward the table by the window, a small bag was already in the seat but no one else seemed to be sitting there.

Chris weaved through the crowd of people in line, all the while staring at the ground and focusing all his mental powers on not being found out.

"CHRIS!" a girl's voice rang out behind him. He was just about to scream when a girl came running past him towards the door. He was calm again, but his heart rate was still through the roof, so a synchople event was still possible. He decided that the best place for a good faint would be at the table so that it would not be obvious until someone noticed a girl face down in ice cream.

He slowly made his way to the table, sitting down without warning across from Eric. Unfortunatly, Eric, in his own pent-up state, shook the ice cream cake right from his own hand and right onto Chris's chest.

The world seemed to grow silent as Chris stared down at his own heaving and now wet chest, he worried for his expensive breast forms. "I don't fucking believe it." Chris said instinctively to his now frozen nipples.

Suddenly Eric jumped forth with a napkin and started dabbing at Chris's breasts. This caused Chris to become even more enraged; when he screamed however, it was fortunate that he no longer cared if anyone recognized him... But after the incredibly angry, loud, tension-relieving, and _quite_ female scream, Chris felt a whole lot better. Eric on the other hand, was feeling rather surprised at that moment and slowly retreated back to his seat across the table. And at that moment, without a word being said between them since he got to the ice cream shoppe, Chris got up and started towards the back bathrooms.

Inside, it was much cleaner then the park bathroom had been, completely lacking the awful urine smell the first bathroom (and most boy bathrooms he had been in) had offered. He walked past the sink to the towel dispenser, but he stopped at the mirror and didn't recognize himself. He stared closer, and in the scrutiny of the surprisingly well lit bathroom, he saw only a bit of himself in the mirror. *Wow...* he thought. He didn't have long to think as the bathroom door open to two girls thats Chris recognized almost instantly as people who went to his school. He turned around at that moment and headed toward the stalls. Once inside, he began dabbing at himself frantically as he prayed to whomever was listening not to let him get caught. His heart, if possible, was beating faster than ever.

"Did you hear that scream when we were in line? Sounded like when Janet found those pictures of herself on the Internet," one of them said while at the mirror.

"Yeah, that was so weird, I don't understand how someone could get a picture to come out so clear in the dark, I mean Derrick and her were in her bedroom for goodness sake! That's on the second floor!" The other one replied slowly as she applied something that Chris couldn't see or care about to her lips.

"Let's go to Club Shea tonight! They're having that big 'Rising Star Contest' this Sunday, aren't they?" The first one said as they exitted.

At first, Chris just sat on the floor and hugged his knees, but after sniffing away the tears, he decided that talking tonight would be a bad idea...

"What?! But you promised!" Eric said unbelieving of the events Chris just described.

"Didn't you hear me?! I said I'm tired and scared, and I just want to go home while I'm not dead, outted, or in jail, okay?!" Chris screamed back from his position standing by the car he wanted to drive home so badly.

"... Alright... I understand... Can- can I see you tommorow?" Eric recanted. "At... at the park, where no one will recognize you or kill you or spill ice cream on you."

Chris just chuckled and nodded at that phrase and sniffed again while looking the ground. "Sure. I'll see you tomorrow then?" Chris glanced up just in time to see Eric's face going right for his own, not enough time, however, to dodge the kiss that ensued. It was electric though. The waves of tingling coming from his abdomen either meant he had a peptic ulcer or he was enjoying this. He decided to schedule a doctor's appointment to get checked out when his life was not a roller coaster ride. As his brain finally resolidified in his head, he stumbled back and attempted to open his eyes several times before it finally worked.

"So yeah..." Eric said, blushing, "Tommorow... At five..."



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